Scheduled Software Updates

Each month we further advance Maxpanda’s capabilities through value added feature requests made by our extremely devoted global clients. Clients provide Maxpanda with incredible real-world experience & knowledge. It’s through this community spirit we  continue to enhance one of the most robust (and affordable) CMMS.


      1. Displaying the Bin number beside Bin name when assigning new Parts to a Bin. This will allow you to distinguish similar named Bins in the drop down menu.
      2. Able to add special characters in Firefox/IE when approving PO’s. International language settings working perfecto.
      3. Manually remove a user’s access/role from 2nd or 3rd site. We locked this feature down last month to add option # 3 to this release – The editing of users is now re-enabled. Enjoy.
      4. Search field entries to include asset tag searchable data. Search assets by your custom tag fields.
      5. Realign all PDF export pages when printing QR codes that include long location names.
      6. Assign a single user to select buildings within a single Site. For example, you have 500 buildings in 1 site, create a new BUILDING GROUP called I.T. Only, assigned your 3/500 I.T. Only related buildings to your new Building Group. Assign USERS to that BUILDING GROUP (I.T. Only). Those USERS will only access Buildings related to the I.T. Only building group.
      7. Add to MY TEMPLATES button was not working correctly on I.E. – this has been fixed due to the new EF6 Upgrades.
      8. If Company Admin sets the “force staff to enter hours” module – Maxpanda will not verify hours on both Completed & Closed statuses. Only for first status that it was changed to from Approved.
      9. View All work order lists will retain your filtering even after you’ve edited a work order. Filter your list, edit a work order, come back to the filter you set.



  1. Multi Site function to maintain supervisor/editor/admins selection post work order editing.
  2. Implementation of Entity Framework 6 Code using MVC 5 & .NET 4.7. Maxpanda has been running on Entity Framework 4.0 since 2004 with an upgrade of EF5 in 2014. We’ve now upgraded your entire code base to EF6 which allows for .NET MVC5 files to communicate with Facebook, Azure AD and Google using OAuth2 sign-on technology. .NET 4.7 also runs web apps 20% faster on the latest browsers versions available. 
  3. Single Sign On / Social Sign in. Users will be able to manage their Maxpanda accounts through Facebook, Google, Azure AD (Microsoft’s Office 365 identity solution also known as Active Directory). Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft’s multi-tenant, cloud based directory and identity management service. Azure AD combines core directory services, advanced identity governance, and application access management. Azure AD also offers a rich, standards-based platform that enables developers to deliver access control to their applications, based on centralized policy and rules. For more details click here: What is Azure Active Directory. If you login using other social plugins let us know and we’ll develop a gateway for you and your team.
  4. We’re changing the way you login. We’re automatically migrating all current Maxpanda USERNAME/PASSWORDS to an email/password solution. Your email will automatically become your username – you won’t have to change anything. This change has multiple benefits such as having similar login methods used by most enterprise level applications allowing you to migrate and connect to your data quickly and securely.
  5. Metered Triggered Work Orders to pull Preventative Maintenance routine details upon generation. This is a big deal if you’re into fleet or manufacturing.
  6. Company Admins/Editors to auto multi-upload data. This new feature will allow you to continuously upload unlimited amounts of data per page including new Buildings, Locations, Assets, Parts and Bins right to your individual Sites with a single click of a button.
  7. Notes, Private Notes and Comment fields can be printed in the exact format as Users typed online.
  8. Cancel button to be removed for Purchase Orders during the Received and Reopened statuses.
  9. All work orders with invoices will display the VENDOR SUBTOTAL during the Completed and In Progress statuses not just Closed. This will help accounting departments prepare billing costs prior to the work order being Closed.
  10. Optimizing SITE WIDE work order filtering on the COMPANY WIDE work order list. We’ve compiled client feedback from version 1 and will now launch version 2.
  11. Show Qty in Inventory within each part detail on Gomax mobile apps.
  12. Ability to adjust minimum levels per part within assigned Bin on Gomax mobile apps. 
  13. Gomax apps updated with ability for the COMPANY ADMIN to set fields on/off for all mobile users.



  1. Optimizing code for these final pages on all browsers. Some pages load slower/faster depending on the user’s browser settings (example: I.E. and their bloated ActiveX Script Processing).
  2. Site Permissions, Location list, Future Work Order list, Calendar and the User Edit pages will be optimized for all browsers.
  3. Project Management V1. Create a new project, assign work orders accordingly, report on project costs.
  4. Added “Asset Type” (new column) to the SLA EXPORT report.
  5. Short Description in all work orders will be expanded from 250 to 500 characters.
  6. Replace “Closed Date” search column with Building Name data in the Overdue work order list.
  7. Direct PArt Issue Module: Allows you to assign specific part(s) with quantities to various work orders –  when the parts are received from your PO supervisors/editors/admins can assigned them immediately even if other parts have not arrived.
  8. Direct Part Issue Details:
      • Edit button on Purchase Order turns Orange when a PO item has a direct issue applied to it
      • A Direct Issue button will only be visible on Onorder, Backorder, Received, Closed statuses
      • Editing a Direct Issue page is editable only for Onorder, Backorder PO statuses
      • Editing a Direct Issue page is read-only on Received and Closed PO statuses
      • Direct Issue priority on the edit direct issue pages is hidden
      • You can’t delete a Direct Issue item for any Completed PO statuses
      • Added a Direct Issue icon including popup text within the associated PO and WO Part section
      • Removed Cancel status from Received and Reopen status
      • Removed Reopen status from Reject status
      • Added Receive All button on Reopen status
      • Removed red X button from Reopen status if po item is saved, red X button is still available on new added item
      • No quantity updates available when a PO is Cancelled or Reopened



  1. Multi Assign / Multi Unassign Staff & Vendors to all your PMs (preventive maintenance schedules).
  2. Search all Assets by asset tag not just the asset name. Some customers use generic naming conventions so this will help during the search.
  3. Special Order Module for Direct Issue purchase orders.



  1. Parts, Bins & PO optimizations. Thanks to your feedback we’ve compiled a list of changes and enhancements to make current and future customers very excited.



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July – mobile madness!

  1. New GoMax v5 mobile apps – this is big, really big.



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