Scheduled Software Updates

Each month we further advance Maxpanda’s capabilities through value added feature requests made by our extremely devoted global clients. Clients provide Maxpanda with incredible real-world experience & knowledge. It’s through this community spirit we  continue to enhance one of the most robust (and affordable) CMMS. 24/7 support : max @



  1. All work orders with invoices will display the VENDOR SUBTOTAL during the Completed and In Progress statuses not just Closed. This will help accounting departments prepare billing costs prior to the work order being Closed.
  2. Increased BUILDING GROUP, BUILDING, LOCATION, ASSET drop-down list counts (SUBMIT WO and GUEST PORTAL forms) to show 500 items instead of 200 at a time.  
  3. Multi Assign/Unassign 1 or all Staff and/or Vendors to all your current PMs and PM Templates (preventive maintenance schedules).
  4. GoMAX mobile apps upgraded to 4.9. Thank you for all the feedback this year.
  5. Pushed login security updates to both mobile apps.
  6. TSL 1.1 upgraded to TSL 1.2. Maxpanda is constantly upgrading it’s security infrastructure with the latest and greatest so you don’t have to.
  7. Disabling the use of Quotation marks used in Part Names. Quotes are causing QR Code reading errors on older smartphones.
  8. Disabling any STAFF / VENDOR will remove them instantly from active pm schedules and pm templates.
  9. Site Permissions, Location list, Future Work Order list, Calendar and the User Edit pages will be optimized for all browsers.
  10. Added “Asset Type” (new column) to the SLA EXPORT report.
  11. Assign Preventative Maintenance routines/details to your Metered / Triggered Work Orders.
  12. Cancel button to be removed for Purchase Orders during the Received and Reopened statuses.
  13. Work Order Short Description expanded from 250 to 500 characters.
  14. Replace “Closed Date” search column with Building Group, Building and Asset/Location field in the Overdue work order list.
  15. Direct Part Issue Module: Allows you to assign specific part(s) with quantities to various work orders –  when the parts are received from your PO supervisors/editors/admins can assigned them immediately even if other parts have not arrived. 

Direct Part Issue Details:

  1. Edit button on Purchase Order turns Orange when a PO item has a direct issue applied to it
  2. A Direct Issue button will only be visible on Onorder, Backorder, Received, Closed statuses
  3. Editing a Direct Issue page is editable only for Onorder, Backorder PO statuses
  4. Editing a Direct Issue page is read-only on Received and Closed PO statuses
  5. Direct Issue priority on the edit direct issue pages is hidden
  6. You can’t delete a Direct Issue item for any Completed PO statuses
  7. Added a Direct Issue icon including popup text within the associated PO and WO Part section
  8. Removed Cancel status from Received and Reopen status
  9. Removed Reopen status from Reject status
  10. Added Receive All button on Reopen status
  11. Removed red X button from Reopen status if po item is saved, red X button is still available on new added item
  12. No quantity updates available when a PO is Cancelled or Reopened


    1. Search all Assets by asset tag & name. Some customers use generic naming conventions so this will help during the search.
    2. mAPI – maxpanda/client discussion and feedback required.
    3. Client CMS portal – maxpanda/client discussion and feedback required.
    4. Changed “On Hold” time in SLA export from displaying as ” 3 Days 22:55 Hours” to “94:55”.
    5. Performance enhancements on multiple pages optimizing speeds for large database clients.
    6. Add the multi SITE management select for MYTODO LISTS – staff/supervisors who have access across multi sites will be able to complete work orders faster.
    7. Changing a TASK name will auto change the text in assigned PMs and all other areas in your account.


  1. If part(s) PO adds up to a predetermined limit, then the PO automatically requires a user to request approval.
  2. PO Reporting: See in graph form/report form: Monthly/Annual $ spending by vendor, Monthly/Annual $ spending by part (how much is spent on something that doesn’t necessarily get captured on a WO, like consumables such as pipe thread sealant, saw blades, paint, etc.), From which vendors, a particular part have been ordered (we have several vendors able to supply equal parts). Which vendor is used more often. Which vendor a particular part was last ordered.
  3. Show charge rate / buy rate in all PO.
  4. Add private notes to PO for internal communications and not visible when printing PO.
  5. Ability to predefine the quantity of parts allocated to a PM which will greatly help manage inventory.
  6. Ability to permanently attach a doc, like standard terms and conditions of purchase which should accompany every PO.
  7. Ability to default PO fields instead of having to enter the same information on every PO (like a UPS account # for shipping).


  1. Special Order Module for Direct Issue purchase orders.


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  1. GoMAX mobile assistant apps – version 5 utilizing Xamarin.Forms 2018 technology. Partnering with Xamarin, Maxpanda will continue to improve upon the GoMAX success with more robust features enhancing your mobile experience. The Xamarin platform implementation lays down new groundwork for GoMAX next generation.
  2. API soft launch.


  1. Client portal – manage unlimited clients per Site.


  1. API Core Components including authentication, authorization, form integration & billing.
  2. Stripe billing and integration module.
  3. Implementing the Swagger framework for developer documentations and developer UI.
  4. API versioning controls integrated on Maxpanda global elastic servers (AWS).
  5. List paging to include HTTP Verbs such as: GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE.
  6. Webhooks Framework that allows Maxpanda customers to subscribe to various events.
  7. API Monitoring Tools.
  8. API platform to allow 3rd party integrators such as Zapier, IFTTT and Elastic.IO. If you don’t have a computer programmer on staff, this will help.


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