Scheduled Software Updates

Each month we further advance Maxpanda CMMS Maintenance Software Updates using value added feature requests made by our extremely devoted global clients. Clients provide Maxpanda with incredible real-world experience & knowledge. It’s through this community spirit we  continue to enhance one of the most robust (and affordable) CMMS. 24/7 support :




  1. If part(s) PO adds up to a predetermined limit, then the PO automatically requires a user to request approval.
  2. Show charge rate / buy rate in all PO.
  3. Predefine the quantity of parts allocated to a PM which will greatly help manage inventory.
  4. Permanently attach a doc, like standard terms and conditions of purchase which should accompany every PO.
  5. Default PO fields instead of having to enter the same information on every PO (like a UPS account # for shipping).
  6. New check box options to receive WO attachment and invoice notifications. Know when a picture or invoice has been added to each WO PM MT.
  7. Asset metering using GoMax mobile app updated for easier monitoring and maintenance.
  8. Show time format in HH:MM in reports having All Day Tasks.
  9. My TODO list to include sorting by Priority Dates not the text fields shown.
  10. Added print and edit functions for Vendor Unlimited roles.
  11. New Category Group module allowing multiple (child) Categories to be assigned to the Category Group.


  1. Client portal – manage unlimited clients per Site? No problem, new CRM module goes live today within Maxpanda CMMS.
  2. API soft launch. Minimum webhooks introduced to be used with multiple CRM applications (full list coming soon).
  3. Azure AD, Google+ and Facebook integration ready to deploy SSO version 1.
  4. TSL 1.1 upgraded to TSL 1.2. Maxpanda is constantly upgrading it’s security infrastructure with the latest and greatest so you don’t have to.
  5. Quick view on how many TASKS are completed per work order. We will change the popup helper text from “HAS TASK” and include a RATIO COMPLETED such as “1 / 3” meaning 1 out of 3 tasks have been completed per work order.
  6. New column in Task module (within the WO) showing which Staff and/or Vendor is assigned as well as the completed/not completed status. 
  7. Add WO Search using WO ID# and Title on both GoMAX mobile apps. 
  8. Added new multi dropdown selector for users assigned to a Task. Email notification will be sent to the selected user of Task 2 notifying them that Task 1 is completed.
  9. Scheduled PM column to include filter / arrow sorting.


  1. Special Parts Ordering Module for Direct Issue purchase orders.
  2. Refactoring all 25 Reporting modules to include Xamarin super code.
  3. Asset downtime reporting tools.
  4. Unit of Measure: Self defining measuring tools for Part managers.


  1. GoMAX mobile assistant – version 5 utilizing Xamarin.Forms 2018 technology. 
  2. API Core Components to be implemented in Maxpanda desktop app.



  1. RFQ – Request for Quotes from multiple Vendors within the WO.


  1. tick tack zip dat (keyboard noises)


  1. Project Management Module.


  1. beep bleep tick tack zip dat  (keyboard noises)