Advantages of Having A Computerized Maintenance Management System

A computerized maintenance management system or CMMS is a software program widely used for maintaining computerized database of information and data related to maintenance operation of a company. When such information is stored in a software program, it assists the maintenance workers of an organization to perform their tasks more efficiently and effectively. Apart from that, it also helps business managers to take wiser decisions. Finally, the data stored in this system can also be used for verifying regulatory compliance’s. There are several ways with which an organization can benefit from CMMS. Let us see how.

Using technology for storage - Is it safe?
Using technology for storage – Is it safe?


Managing the work requests efficiently: This software will enable your designated staff to submit their request directly into the system. Once they do this, they are sent emails regarding the request statuses. With this system, the maintenance manager of your facility will be easily able to respond to inbound calls. Apart from that, CMMS can be used to prioritize the submitted work requests as per their type.

Organized scheduling and planning of regular maintenance tasks: With CMMS, your maintenance department can easily set an automatic schedule for your organization’s recurring activities. Preventive maintenance procedures are auto-generated, depending on their deadline for completion and as per the work orders. Preventive inspections and repairs can also be included in this scheduling. With stored checklists and procedures in the CMMS system, you can be assured that all your works are completed on time, and on consistent basis.

Analyzing data and trends: A CMMS software can also be helpful in analyzing your data and trends, and identifying the problem areas, such as constant damages, low productivity, rising costs etc. With a CMMS system, a manager will be able to keep better track of equipment breakdowns, in addition to the costs involved. With the system analyzing backup data, the facilities maintenance people will be able to get repairs done too in time.

Managing the inventory of spare parts: Facility managers usually have to deal with disorganized, undocumented store rooms. They face difficulty while looking for supplies needed to certain situations. In that case, an equipment tracking program can be used to determine furniture, equipments or fixture that need maintenance. The software can be used for arranging automatic reordering of any parts, as per their usage and need. With CMMS, it becomes easier for the facility people to come up with effective and reasonable budget for the required spare parts. This can be done through monitoring current levels of inventory, and their consistent consumption or usage in a year. In this way, an inventory of the spare parts can be maintained, leading to huge savings to the company.

So, employ an effective CMMS system in your organization, and see what changes it can bring to the management of your business.