1. Invoices

The main purpose of Maxpanda’s invoice feature is the track vendor costs. It is not a substitute for an accounting system at this time. This feature allows you to report vendor costs for certain periods of time. To learn more on how this reporting work, please see section 16 (reports) by clicking here.


  1. Go to your INVOICES tab and ADD INVOICE
  2. Fill in required fields:
    1. Vendor – Select the name of the vendor from the drop down list. If you need to create a new vendor please see section 13 (vendors) by clicking here
    2. Invoice number – This can be any number you wish. However, it would make the most sense to put the invoice number given by the client
    3. Invoice date – Enter the date of the invoice
  3. Enter all the necessary non-required fields you wish to complete;
  4. Due date – the date in which the invoice is due
  5. Description – Any description you wish to ass regarding the invoice
  6. Items – This is where you can add details from the invoices that compile its cost
    1. Item type – here you can select from the drop down menu what the vendor is charging you (ie a product or service). If you wish to add additional items to the drop down menu, you can do so by going to the COMPANY tab then INVOICE ITEM TYPE under COMPANY SETUP. You can learn more by clicking
    2. Description – a short description of the invoice item type
    3. Unit price and quantity – the amount of price of each unit in the invoice
    4. Enter tax rates;


  1. This tool allows you to easily capture the full amount of the invoice with taxes included
  2. To change the rates that automatically appear when creating invoices, please view section 18 (company setup) to learn how or by clicking here
  • You may also add a new item line by clicking on the add new line button shown above.



You can also edit any invoices you have created by click on the edit button in VIEW ALL