With Maxpanda, you can specify work orders pertaining to specific areas within your buildings. Examples include roof, basement, Room #202, etc.

Add new Locations



  1. Go to your LOCATIONS tab and ADD LOCATION
  2. Fill in required fields:
    1. Name – Enter the name of the location
    2. Location type – Select the type of location from the drop down list. If none apply, create a new location type by going to LOCATION TYPE under COMPANY SETUP in the COMPANY tab. Then click ADD in the top right corner. Click here for further instructions
  3. Enter all the necessary non-required fields you wish to complete;
  4. Building – Select the building in which the location resides.
  5. Description – Enter a short description of the location
  6. Contact name – If you wish to like to have someone (ie a maintenance worker) associated to a specific location
  7. Phone number – The phone number of the contact person(s)
  8. Contact email – The email address of the contact person(s)
  9. Files – any pictures or documents you wish to attach regarding the asset
  10. Save


Viewing your location work orders


  1. You can filter your location work order by a combination of 4 different criteria
    1. Work orders – Requested work order and/or preventative maintenance work orders
    2. Start date – automatically searches a date range going from today to a month from you. However, you can adjust the start and end date.
    3. Select buildings – you can filter by building or ADD ALL
    4. Select locations – you can filter by location or ADD ALL
  2. Click REFRESH to view the location work orders you have filtered above. They will be down under WORK ORDER RESULTS;
  3. On the screen above you can also filter by WO number, title, type, priority, category, status, due date, start date and location. The highlighted area above shows where to set these filters.
  4. From here you may also edit your location work orders by clicking on the edit button on the right hand side.


Editing locations

You can also edit any location you have created by click on the edit button in VIEW ALL