Create a new part


  1. Go to your PARTS tab and CREATE PART
  2. Fill in required fields:
    1. Name – Enter the name of the part
  3. Enter all the necessary non-required fields you wish to complete;
  4. Part number – Enter any part number associated with the part you’re creating in your Maxpanda system
  5. Quantity – how many parts do you have in inventory?
  6. Unit price – the price of the part
  7. Minimum level – At which point does inventory require replenishment? By checking in the ‘send email’ box, you will be notified when the inventory of the part you’re creating reaches a certain level.
  8. Notes – you may include any notes pertaining to the part
  9. Supplier – Select the supplier from the drop down list. If you need to create a new vendor, Please review VENDORS (section 13) by clicking here.
  10. Storage location – Select the location in which the part is part from the drop down menu. If you need to create a new location, please review LOCATIONS (section 11) by clicking here
  11. Files – any pictures or documents you wish to attach regarding the part
  12. Save


You can also edit any building you have created by click on the edit button in VIEW ALL