Q & A

Q. How many USERS can I invite into my account?
A. Unlimited. This applies to internal/external staff and vendors.

Q. How much data can I store in my account?
A. Visit our PRICING page. External storage starts at 100 megs to 10 gigs depending on the amount of images and documents you would like to back up on our servers.

Q. Can I cancel my subscription?
A. This is a strange question since we’ve never had anyone cancel before but yes, there is a ‘cancel subscription’ button within your dashboard available to you 24/7. But please speak to us first.

Q. What database software is used for my data?
A. MySQL. But YOUR DATA is always available for download.

Q. Can I upload images into work orders & PMs within a work order?
A. Yes of course, each file uploaded to any work order has a limit of 10 Megs. Files such as guides and o&m manuals are attached.

Q. Are work orders date/time stamped?
A. Maxpanda’s work flow is fluid. A PM is scheduled, generated, assigned to a worker (pre or post), time stamped with generation date and each step of the way Maxpanda will time stamp either closed dates and reopened/closed dates. A full history of every PM occurrence is always available within each PM that is generated. Think about it, no more searching or reporting on the history of that asset or location! It’s right there each time a pm is generated.

Q. I need time to get acquainted and setup my Maxpanda.
A. We provide you with your first 7 days free starting from the day you register. This gives all our clients ample time to setup their company, train staff and follow the yellow brick road to maintenance management nirvana.

Q. We currently use a bunch of excel sheets to record our assets and locations. Work orders are provided to the maintenance department on paper.
A. No problem. We can provide you our own excel templates which you simply fill out (copy paste). We import your data into your new Maxpanda company account. Say goodbye to paper – all your future work orders are electronically submitted from anywhere in the world using any web browser, tablet or smartphone.

Q. We don’t have internal maintenance staff, only external vendors that work on our properties.
A. That’s great! Just setup all your vendor contacts list in your dashboard. When you need a vendor to perform a job task simply add them to the work order you are about to approve. They receive an email notification. The entire process is performed from the comfort of your office or on the road.


Q. Is there a way to customize the email notifications that are sent out as reminders? Like PM email that includes at least the title of the event?
A. The WORK ORDER TITLE is included in the SUBJECT LINE of all email notifications.

Q. I noticed the PM Occurrences Tab, under the Preventative Maintenance – Edit page, has an “OnHold” column but I do not see a way to actually utilize this, is it an available feature?
A. You as the Admin may enable PM’s on hold anytime. This is where you’ll see your On-Hold PM’s WO’s listed. In the PM menu while editing a PM, simply select the ‘NO’ feature.

Q. Is there a way to customize the Work Order Status names?
A. No; only the ASSET Status can be modified which is then applied to the WO. This feature and other company modifications can be changed created in the COMPANY SETUP menu.

Q. Can I schedule a Preventative maintenance WO in time-based mode rather than per day? This is important because work orders need to be scheduled in certain time frame during the day so as not to effect operations.
A. Yes. Each pm schedule is generated hourly. Maxpanda allows start times at specific times of day depending how you set up your PM. For example, you may have a start time of 6pm and a due date of 9pm for the same day. HOURLY scheduling and altering of your PM’s can be manipulated through your Calendar View as well.

Q. Can I reschedule PMs for our operation in that I constantly need to reschedule PMs around other work orders and events.
A. You are allowed to alter the SCHEDULE anytime for each PM. In fact you can alter each OCCURRENCE (present or future) or the PM Schedule right from your dashboard or calendar view.

pm occrurence history

Q. Do my PM’s have a history or recurrence listing of all generated PM’s related to my schedules?
A. A recurrence listing column to show how often each PM has been generated is included within each Preventative Maintenance WO. No need to generate reports or view history data. All your generated pm occurrences are listed per PM.

pm occrurence history

Q. Can I filter work orders by Title, Status, Date, etc?
A. Yes. Your Work Order List has all the filters you need in real time.

Q. Can I print my work orders (single or multiple)?
A. Yes. You may print, copy to system memory, export to excel or pdf.

Q. I have many clients that I want to submit work orders from around my campus on our computers. How do I put a shortcut for Maxpanda on their desktops?
A. Easy. Simply click on CREATE NEW WORK ORDER in your panel. Save it as a shortcut on your desktop then distribute that shortcut to all computers you would like work orders coming from. It should look like this –

Q. What do all the colors mean within my dashboard?
A. Voila:




Pre-planning & Setup in 12 easy steps


Most new clients find this following implementation plan to be most effective. Note: it is not required to add any of the following data to your new Maxpanda Account. You may submit work orders anytime you are ready.

  1. If you have numerous buildings and locations, it would most time effective to have us convert your data into your Maxpanda account for you. Click here to learn how. Taking this route, your data will be imported overnight.
  2. Upon signing in click on (left main menu) – COMPANY and select PREFERENCES. If you want to show time stamps on your work orders choose YES. If you want to create work orders using minutes (i.e. a PM should take 45 minutes and is due today) then select 24 Hour Time Format. Selecting the 12 hour format makes PM scheduling/closing an all day standard.
  3. Click Company Setup (left main menu) – Maxpanda comes with the standard Location Type, Asset Type, Asset Status, Work Order Category and Work Order Priority. If you need to add and define your own please do so now.
  4. If your data has not been imported by our team you may add your BUILDINGS (left main menu) – Very important since BUILDINGS are the parents to LOCATIONS & ASSETS.
  5. Add your LOCATIONS – When submitting a work order you can use BUILDINGS to filter thousands of LOCATIONS easily.
  6. Add your ASSETS – Since your LOCATIONS are populated, you and your Vendors will know where the ASSET is location. Note: you can always add more buildings, locations and assets at any time, even if we have imported your data for you.
  7. Invite USERS – We have 8 predefined roles to choose from when inviting USERS. Simply enter a user’s email address, select a role and they do the rest.
  8. Add your PARTS – Parts are associated to ASSETS and the inventory/cost is tracked by the system.
  9. Add your DOCUMENTS – If you have pictures of your ASSETS or LOCATIONS etc…it’s time to add those to your library.
  10. Create TASKS – Your TASK library will help you save time when adding new TASKS to wo’s or pm’s for approval. Create as many TASKS you think may occur in your company and they’ll be available ad hoc. Each TASK TEMPLATE holds unlimited TASKS, be creative!
  11. Create PM’s (preventative maintenance schedules) through your PM library on your left main menu – Never again will your organization miss required maintenance with a PM in place.
  12. Schedule an internal maintenance meeting. Create new processes around your new Maxpanda CMMS Software. Slowly roll them out to your co-workers and vendors.