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User list

Here you can view all your current users. Admin users can edit or delete any user. Without actually deleting the user from your account, you can still search/filter/report on disabled users (users that can’t log into your account anymore).


Invite user

Not only is it important to invite user into your Maxpanda database, it is also important to set limitations for certain users who are going to using your system.



  1. Company admin – This user sees all functions in our software program. With your organization, only the top managers should have this role as there are no limitations or restrictions.
  2. Editor – Similar to the admin user, the editor has all functionality except the ability to produce reports as well as all the features in the company tab (does include company setup). This means that the editor cannot change the subscription level, credit card or see any usage details. Lower level managers are usually the positions for these users. Company admin and editors are the only users who can approve work orders.
  3. Staff – The staff role is a much more restrictive role. The staff role can submit and edit only work orders assigned to them. These users can only view the pictures and documents in the GALLERY section that are within work orders assigned to them. However, staff can look up work orders that are not assigned to them.
  4. Submitter – These users can only submit a work order and view the work orders assigned to them. These users are also restricted in setting the start and end date of their work orders. The start date is automatically set to the current date with the end date as 7 days in the future.
  5. Viewer – Cannot submit work orders but only view those assigned to them
  6. Vendor – There are 2 types of vendors (Unlimited and limited). Please see section 13 (vendors) by clicking

Click here for a list of the functions for each pre-defined roles:

Invited users

This page shows all the users that have been invited to your Maxpanda account and indicates which ones have created an account or not.