Task Library

  1. Task Library

Creating tasks to import into work orders or your pm library.


1. Go to your task library and CREATE new TASK
2. Define the title, priority and description of task
3. (Very important) Click save then click on ADD FIELD button. These are the type of task’s data you want to capture. In my example I have 12 tasks that need to be filled out by a RESOURCE before I (the ADMIN) can CLOSE the WO

  • When adding task fields, you will need to select a field type;
    • DateTime give you the option to include an exact time in the date field
  • Required? – the field you have added must be completed before the work order can be closed.
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  1. When you’ve added all your TASKS to the TASK template click SAVE

    Once this is done, you will have 1 task in your task library. Create as many as you like, then import 1 or all in any work order or pm.