Why I.T. departments love Maxpanda!

SSO – I.T. departments do not want to manage multiple usernames/passwords with different software packages for the same employee. We know this for a fact. Managing the entire network of over 500 employees is stressful for recreating forgotten passwords for employees on multiple software’s. That’s why we’ve built Maxpanda so the ADMIN can easily invite users into their account, allowing the users to create/manage their own username/password. If they forget any details the ADMIN (THAT’S YOU) can simply click a button in your dashboard to reset their password. Maxpanda sends that user a link to renew. We do not provide SSO within your organization unless your I.T. department sends us usernames/passwords you’d like setup. That’s another route we take for larger clients.

Data is hosted with PEER1 web hosting – http://www.peer1.com/ – our main database is in San Antonio with 15 other redundant servers – meaning if 1 server goes down the next one kicks in and so forth. You are never down Maxpanda/Peer1. Your data is backed up nightly. If all 16 servers die at once (.0000000001 % chance) we’re still good to go the next day using last night’s backups. Our techs also create nightly backups for their test environments. Your data is stored on secure, always-updated, backed-up daily enterprise-class servers in multiple state-of-the-art data centers. With Maxpanda Computerized Maintenance Management System there’s nothing to download or install. Just log in with any web-browser you already use such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari. Our software uses SSL online encryption. Your Facilities Maintenance Software data is 100% safe and secure from any type of dragon.

We use SSL encryption (bank level). This is a highly secure socket layer log in which banks utilize when their clients conduct online banking. Each user’s email is checked with an auto generated REGISTRATION key that’s stored on our private servers to authenticate credibility and properly assign the user their access rights to your data.

How many USERS can you invite into a single Maxpanda Work Order Management Software account? Unlimited. This applies to internal / external staff, vendors, submitters, tenants, editors and maintenance staff. Select users can upload up to 10 Meg files to any work order. Files such as o&m manuals or mobile pictures for inspections are attached seamlessly to keep your Facilities Preventative Maintenance running at 100%. We process over 12,000 work orders daily. This number is increasing exponentially. Client types range from small manufacturers to national corporations.

Now you can cost-justify real changes in your preventive maintenance routines with quantifiable information using Maxpanda Preventative Maintenance Software. Preventive maintenance software accurately schedules and predicts the reliability and cost effects of preventive maintenance changes before they are made. Track assets using multiple independent dimensions in real-time for equipment or space work orders.

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